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Read Roy’s viewpoint about the technical aspect of photography. This blog is about cameras, lenses, accessories and the terminology that is used in the pursuit of photography.

White balance basics – Tips for getting more natural colours in photos

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Tips for getting more natural looking colours in photosAfter taking a photo, you may wonder why the colour isn’t quite like what you observed with your own eyes.  The human…
JPG versus RAW comparison - demo of RAW image


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Our tour and tuition guests often ask: 'Should' I shoot in RAW or JPG? What's the difference between RAW versus JPG?   RAW vs JPG What do these terms mean? …

Keep vs Delete

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Do you find yourself taking lots of photos? What do you do with them? If your computer hard-drive is filling up with thousands of photos that you're unlikely to do…
Full frame versus cropped camera bodies

DSLR cameras: full-frame vs cropped sensor

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First, a little bit of history... Without going all the way back to the beginning, digital SLR cameras first arrived on the market in the late 1990’s when manufacturing a digital…
Sample tripod image

Tripod vs Handheld

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Do you own a tripod? Do you use it often or find it too annoying carry and use? Why bother using one at all? I know that a tripod may…