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Time out for photography…

By March 20th, 2024Out and about4 min read

Visiting family and friends in Tasmania? Here’s some inspiration to take a little time out for yourself too…

An opportunity to enjoy nature while learning new skills to hone your photography techniques and enhance the photos you take.  

With only a week and limited spare time while visiting family in Tasmania, Simon decided to take a private photography tuition session – a little time out for himself to discover more about his camera (a Canon 6D). He’d rarely stepped away from the Auto settings but was well aware that his camera had much more functionality than he’d been using. He wanted to learn what could be achieved by taking more control of the settings to enhance the photos he could take.

Simon travelled from the UK to Tasmania (with his wife and daughter) to surprise his mum with a special visit. His mum had immigrated to Tasmania many years ago but he’d never had the chance to visit her – you can just imagine the overwhelming special feeling each of them felt the moment they arrived on her doorstep.

While his wife and daughter spent exclusive time with his Mum during one of the family’s Hobart excursions, Simon seized the opportunity to schedule a private photography tuition session with Coreena.

Prior to Simon’s arrival in Tasmania

We’d learnt that Simon is particularly keen on wildlife, landscapes and nature photography so we made a couple of suggestions about the experience that would most complement his interests (including the option of Wildlife Photography Tuition at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary). After deliberating over what to do and how to fit it in with his already busy schedule (and to lessen the impact on the amount of quality time he had with his family), Simon selected a 3-hour Wellington Wanders photography walkabout called ‘Ferns, Fungi & Waterfalls’, in the foothills of kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

The topics during the walkabout

Simon gained a better understanding of the settings that he could use to capture the silky affect of flowing water, he learnt more about depth-of-field when photographing close-ups of fungi and ferns, gained more appreciation and benefits  of natural light, and he discovered the importance of adequate shutter speeds for low-light photography in a forest environment. Plenty of time to experiment to learn-by-doing.

Visiting family and friends in Tasmania - time out for photography
Visiting family and friends in Tasmania - time out for photography

Private Photography Tuition
Simon gives his experience two thumbs up! 

You’ll be pleased to hear I haven’t taken a single photo in Auto mode since we met.

Simon B, UK

I want to thank you again for your help with my photography. I found it incredibly useful!

Simon B, UK

I’m having so much fun with my camera.

Simon B, UK

I wouldn’t say I completely understand (all of) what I’m doing, but ultimately I know what things to change to affect the shot, and subsequently get something I’m pleased with

Simon B, UK

If you are looking for a little time out for yourself next time you are visiting family or friends in Tasmania, then get in touch with us and we’ll help you decide on an experience that fits in with your other commitments and activities. From just a few hours to a full day or more than one day – we’ll personalise your experience.

We don’t promise that you will learn absolutely everything about your camera and photography, especially in a short three-hours of tuition. Photography is a creative art that takes a great deal of time, effort, practice, patience and perseverance to hone – even the most accomplished photographers continue to learn and improve their technique.
Our aim is to inspire and encourage you with your photography so that you achieve the best possible experiences while enjoying your photography – it’s a hobby that provides so much more than you imagine.

Photos that Simon shared with us…

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