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Master Your Camera

A camera driving lesson

A practical interpretation of your camera manual
so you can more quickly navigate your way around your camera.

Getting to know and understand all the features, buttons, dials, menu settings and digital displays of your camera can be a rather time-consuming and tedious activity; for many people, reading the user instruction manual is quite a monotonous task.

We’re here to help you gain more control and understanding of your camera and its features. We will guide you through the many modes, settings and menu options of your camera helping you explore its full potential.

The brand of camera you shoot with is not an issue. Roy keeps abreast of all the different brands and models on the market so he will demystify the most important sections of the user manual for your camera whether it be a Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic or another brand.


  • Setting up your camera to suit you
  • Familiarisation of your camera and its features
  • Learn how to efficiently navigate your way around the dials, buttons and menus
  • Different modes, settings and LCD displays explained
  • Technical jargon in context
  • Your questions answered in this one-on-one lesson

What you will need…

  • Your camera and your primary lens
  • The instruction manual for your camera so we can bookmark specific pages for later reference

Where to meet…

Roy will come to your home, workplace or accommodation in the Hobart area. Alternatively, you may  meet at a café in Hobart CBD or inner suburbs, including Kingston.

Combine this with an outdoor tuition session…

Book a half or full day private tuition session and start out with a 30-45 minute driving lesson followed by in-the-field practical tuition and guidance to experiment with the settings you have learnt about – the best of both worlds!

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