Hobart Night Photography Walkabout

An informative night photography workshop along Hobart’s historic waterfront
Learn camera settings and photography techniques used by professional photographers (and your personal photography tutor)
Overcome the challenges often encountered in low-light and night photography
Capture stunning night-time images of Hobart’s historic waterfront and Salamanca precinct

Available all year round with seasonal variation

Winter nights
‘After Dark’

April to September
6.00pm to 9.00pm

Summer twilights
‘Dusk to Dark’

October to March
7.00pm to 10.00pm

This 3-hour private photography workshop will introduce you to the fundamental techniques with practical tips and guidance for taking great photos in low-light conditions.

The topics you focus on will be personalised to what you wish to achieve and the season, although here’s an overview of what you’ll discover, experience and photograph…

  • Capture great images with natural and artificial light
  • Become more familiar with your camera; learn to maximise its potential in low-light conditions
  • Learn about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and exposure
  • Experiment with different settings and techniques for better images without using a flash
  • Shoot long exposures to capture the light and enhance the photos you take at night.
  • Experience the benefits of using a tripod (loan tripods available if you don’t have your own)
  • Capture the ambience of the historic buildings along Hobart’s waterfront, reflections in the water, light trails of moving objects and create the starburst effect of city lights

Seasonal variations – the main differences…

Winter nights (April to September) ‘After Dark’
Daylight hours in Hobart are reduced with sunset occurring earlier in the evening; in early April & and late September there may be some natural ambient light to start with until darkness sets in while in mid-winter sunset is around 5.00pm.

Summer twilights (October to March) ‘Dusk to Dark’
Daylight hours allow the workshop to comprise a combination of twilight (‘golden hour’ and the ‘blue hour’*) with mid-summer sunset as late as 8.50pm.

‘Golden hour occurs in the lead up to sunset, as the sun approaches the horizon; it’s a time that the intensity of sunlight is reduced and when remaining natural light is a golden hue.

* ‘Blue hour’ occurs immediately after sunset when the sun is just below the horizon; a residual and indirect light produces a blue hue and visibility of the stars commences. 

Meeting point

The Henry Jones Art Hotel (hotel foyer), 25 Hunter Street, Hobart

Complimentary transport to return to your accommodation after the walkabout is available by request, or you may prefer to continue your evening for more photography at your own leisure and make your own way back to your accommodation. 

To book your private night photography workshop… Enter the number of participants in the fields below, select a date and time and we will confirm your booking by reply.
If your preferred date is indicated as not available or is within the next 7 days please contact us by email or telephone.

Aurora Australis in Tasmania - Night Sky Photo shoot with Shutterbug Walkabouts

If an Aurora Australis is predicted, we will discuss with you the options available so that you have the opportunity to witness the magnificence of Mother Nature’s night sky light show – an amazing natural phenomena that is best seen away from the distraction of city lights.

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