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Photoshop or Lightroom Tutorial

Become more familiar with either of these  powerful photo-editing software programs to process your images with more confidence.

Our Photoshop or Lightroom Tutorial will guide you through fundamental tools and techniques for editing your photos in your ‘digital darkroom’.

This tutorial is ideal for beginner and intermediate users. Maybe you are just starting out with Lightroom or Photoshop and need to gain an understanding of the core basics, or wish to further your knowledge by introducing new or different ways to improve your skills. In this tutorial we will help you become more familiar with the many features and tools so you can process your images with more confidence.

Throughout the tutorial you will practice editing a few of your own pre-selected photos – this is a practical learning tutorial during which you will learn-by-doing. You can take notes along the way and we will leave you with an illustrated hints and tips leaflet with the main topics covered.

Afterwards, you will better understand how to adapt and customise a workflow that works for you and more quickly navigate your way through the menus, editing tools and features for creating unique images.

Overview of the topics…

  • From camera to computer – organise your images and manage your workflow
  • Familiarisation and interpretation of the available tools and adjustments
  • Developing your images (non-destructively) including selectively editing parts of an image and combining multiple images into one
  • Interpreting the histogram at different stages of image processing
  • Shortcuts for speedier workflow
  • Saving and exporting edited images for different purposes (including resizing)
  • Strategies for backing up and archiving

You will also learn about other tools and techniques unique to each program and version (for example, automated publishing from Lightroom to Facebook or using layers in Photoshop).

What you will need…

  • A laptop or desktop computer with a mouse
  • A version of Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop software installed and ready to use on your computer (laptop or desktop). We recommend the latest version to maximise all the available features.
  • A selection of your images that you would like to edit work on (RAW images allow for more adjustments if you shoot in that format – learn about RAW & JPEG images here

Where to meet…

Roy will come to your home, workplace or accommodation in the Hobart area. Alternatively, you may  meet at a café in Hobart CBD or inner suburbs, including Kingston.

Which software program should I use? Lightroom or Photoshop?
We often recommend to start with Lightroom as it is easier to comprehend than Photoshop. You may like to progress to Photoshop as you gain more knowledge – some occasions do call for using both on the same image for different reasons.

As a start…
Lightroom is an easy to use program  for cataloguing, rating, editing and printing of images. It also allows you to create books, slideshows, and web galleries.
Photoshop is best for advanced editing and printing of images. It allows the use of layers and advanced image manipulations tools to have almost unlimited control over your images. There is much more skill and knowledge required to operate Photoshop vs Lightroom.

There’s certainly much more to it that just that, so we can chat separately to you to help choose the right program for you.

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