Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve highlighted the most common questions asked in the list below…
If your question is not here, be sure to contact us for the information you seek. 

Q: I am a complete beginner, is that OK?

A: Yes, it is. We cater to photographers of all levels – from beginner to advanced and everything in between.

Q: Are non-photographer spouses or travel companions welcome?

A: Absolutely, they are most welcome to join you to share the experience. The experiences best suited are Private Day Tours and Weekend Photography Retreats.

Q: Which experiences are most suitable for a person using a wheelchair or requiring additional support?

A: We invite you to contact us to discuss your individual requirements; some of our published experiences may be rearranged to accommodate your needs or we will customise an experience to suit.

Q: How many people will be in the group?

A: Our answer to this is multi-faceted and mainly relates to the vehicle we own and operate. Each experience is booked exclusively, on a private basis; the number travelling will depend on how many people are in your group. For larger groups we can source appropriate transport to suit or offer self-drive options.

  • Private Day Tours  – 1-6 participants; please make yourself aware of the vehicle capacity and seating arrangements in regards to 5th & 6th passengers. (See question “What type of vehicle will I travel in?”)
  • Outdoor Photography Tuition – may be booked as a solo experience or with a friend or a small group of keen amateur photographers. We also offer private group tuition sessions for photography clubs and school groups.
  • Weekend Photography Retreats When travelling in our vehicle, retreats are suited to 1-4 people travelling.
    Being a bespoke experience, our retreats can be customised especially for groups with more than 4 participants, either self-driving or using appropriate transport options.

Q: Who is my guide?


  • Your guide for Private Day Tours will be Coreena Vieth, a guide with many years experience and accomplishments for nature and wildlife photography. You may request a more comprehensive tuition-focussed experience in which case we will discuss Roy’s availability for the date you wish to book.
  • Your guide and tutor for Private Photography Tuition and Tutorials will be award-winning professional photographer Roy Vieth. For groups with more than 4 participants Coreena may accompany Roy in a support role, offering each individual more one-on-one instruction throughout the session.
  • Our Weekend Photography Retreats are curated as a weekend of photography and relaxation. Roy will be your photography tutor and Coreena, your personal tour host and guide for any non-photographer participants.

 Read more about Roy and Coreena on our ‘who we are’ page.

Q: What if I or my travel companions have food intolerances, allergies or dietary preferences?

A: Please be sure to let us know in advance of any food intolerances, allergies or dietary preferences that we should be aware of when catering for you and/or your travel companions. For experiences during which meals or snacks are catered for, you will be prompted to provide appropriate information on our booking form.

Q:What type of vehicle will I travel in?

A: We have 2 fully registered and ‘Transport Tasmania’ accredited vehicles Both vehicles are modern, air-conditioned and immaculately kept. Depending on the experience and the number of people in your group, you will travel in either one of our 2 vehicles.

Alternative arrangements can be made for larger groups or conference delegates with pre-arranged transport.

Toyota Kluger SUV

Seats up to 6 passengers* plus the driver – air-conditioned and very spacious.

* For optimum space and comfort we suggest a maximum of four passengers in this vehicle however a group of six may travel noting that the 5th and 6th passengers will be seated in the third row of seating; we recommend this seating for persons of a smaller stature (up to 160cms or 5ft4in height) with the ability to step up through the wide opening rear passenger doors.

VW Jetta Sedan

Seats up to 4 passengers plus the driver – air-conditioned European comfort.

* For optimum space and comfort we suggest a maximum of 3 passengers in this vehicle. A group of 4 may travel noting that the 4th passenger will be seated in the middle of the back seat of the vehicle; we recommend this space for a person of smaller stature.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Our “What to bring” information page will help you.

Q: Do I need my own camera?

A: Yes, the concept behind our experiences is that you learn to use YOUR camera to take better photos (not a hired or borrowed one); that way you can go away and practice the skills without wishing you had different equipment

Q: I only have a compact (point-and-shoot) camera, will it be suitable?

A: Yes, almost all compact cameras have some manual control (for exposure, white balance, etc) which is helpful on a Shutterbug Walkabouts experience. If you are unsure about your camera, please contact us.

Q: What is the best lens to bring with me?

A: The one that is on your camera. These days, there are so many different lenses available – so we recommend that you bring the lens that you use most often. If you are unsure of which lenses are most suitable for your selected experience please contact us to discuss. We will advise you of any special equipment that we recommend for workshops covering a specific area of photography – but remember, if you don’t have something in particular it doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

Q: Do I need my own tripod or monopod?

A: If you own a tripod then bring it along with you; if you don’t have one we have spare tripods for you to borrow during your photography experience.
A tripod is definitely an advantage when shooting macro, waterfalls and night/low-light scenes.
A monopod is handy for bird and wildlife photography (and may be doubled as a walking pole!)

(If you’ve never used a tripod, this is the time to try it out – it’s not as daunting as you might imagine)

Q: What happens if it’s raining?

A: Tours will proceed in all weather (rain, hail or shine) while always considering your safety throughout. Changes to your itinerary may be necessary in the event of inclement weather/accessibility to destination. We will discuss this with you.
Private Tuition and workshop sessions proceed in most weather conditions however the activities may be adapted to suit and discussed with you.  In the event of inclement weather a tuition or workshop session may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.
If this is the case, you may reschedule your booking to another date within 12 months but if rescheduling is not possible a refund will be made available. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions for detailed information.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payments in AUD (Australian Dollars) may be processed via

  • Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer – preferably from Australian Bank Accounts only. Our account details will be provided at the time of your booking (payment must be received in our account prior to the booked date so please 3-5 days for this to occur.  Please let us know if you intend on processing a payment via an international bank transfer.
  • PayPal with Visa or MasterCard or another method as defined in your PayPal account.

Please contact us if you need to arrange an alternative method.

Q: When is payment required?

A: Full payment or a nominated deposit may be requested at the time of booking. Some experiences may require our availability to be confirmed first in which case payment will be requested upon confirming your booking and due within 7 days of us confirming our availability.

More information is available in our Terms & Conditions.

Q: Will my guide be photographing at the same time?

A: Our priority in the field is to assist you with your photography with as much or as little input as you desire.On occasions Roy or Coreena may take a photo for demonstrative purposes and we will only partake in photographic activities if you are fully satisfied.  Photos of you that we take during your tour, tuition session or retreat will be shared with you,  by email, after your tour.