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Who we are

Shutterbug Walkabouts is a boutique tour and experience operator offering a collection of premium private day tours and bespoke nature-based experiences in Tasmania, designed for outdoorsy photo-enthusiasts.

Are you an outdoorsy person who loves to immerse yourself in nature and the outdoors, with your camera in hand?

Well, Shutterbug Walkabouts’ bespoke tours, tuition sessions and retreats are the quintessential experience for you.

Shutterbug Walkabouts was founded in 2012 by local Tasmanian residents Coreena and Roy Vieth, who share a passion for the outdoors, nature, wildlife, local history and photography.

Coreena and Roy are keen to impart their knowledge and expertise with photo-enthusiasts from around the globe, through immersive and interpretive nature-based experiences.

We specialise in showcasing Tasmania; where we live, work and play. Tasmania is known for a diversity of natural environments, stunning natural and built landscapes, adorable wildlife and delightful birds – and it all awaits you and your camera. It is our pleasure to share our nature photographers paradise (and our backyard) with you!

Coreena Vieth

Founder, Co-owner & Manager
Experience Host and Guide

Coreena is a professional local guide and talented Tasmanian nature and wildlife photographer, with a few awards in her name too. She has more than 20 years of experience leading insightful nature tours throughout Australia – almost 10 years exclusively in Tasmania – plus many more years surprising and delighting travellers and guests in diverse front-of-house hospitality roles.

With her comprehensive knowledge, Coreena interprets to travellers an array of topics about Tasmania’s natural environment, flora, fauna and history. Along with her discerning skills and techniques for capturing awe-inspiring photos, she loves to impart her insights and expertise to surprise and delight travellers with new knowledge and experiences to feed their curious minds.

When she’s not leading exciting adventures or working behind the scenes in the office, Coreena spends time hiking, practising yoga, coffee catch-ups with friends, cuddling wombats (when possible) and getting out on the trails on her mountain bike.

You may be interested to learn that Coreena has a fascinating family history in Tasmania with ancestors amongst the first to arrive in Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) in 1804, and yes, one was a convict! More of her ancestors arrived in Hobart Town in 1808 as free-settlers after they were transferred from Norfolk Island, and were granted a substantial amount of land in Brown’s River (now known as Kingston) – in the same region that Coreena & Roy currently reside.

Coreena is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and member of the Tasmanian Leaders Alumni.

Roy Vieth

Founder, Co-owner
Photography Tutor and Instructor

Roy is our go-to guy for anything and everything photography and IT. He offers private photography tuition in and around Hobart, and often accompanies Coreena on our photo-oriented tours as a dedicated photography tutor for our guests when requested.

For more than 40 years, Roy has pursued his passion for photography in one way or another. His knowledge and expertise is supreme in so many ways. Roy is multi-lingual in the language and terminology used by different camera brands and he has a comprehensive insight into the workings of numerous cameras – film and digital. On rare occasions that he may not already know something, with intense dedication, Roy attentively reads, understands and interprets all manner of perplexing instruction manuals (cover to cover!).

But that’s not all, Roy’s award-winning techniques for landscape and nature photography sees him imparting his skills and expertise with up-and-coming photographers of all levels. He’s mentored so many who have become accomplished photographers in their own right over the years.

When Roy’s not sharing all that he knows about photography or IT with others, or on his own personal photography pursuit, you will often find him outdoors somewhere, doing something! That may be anything from hiking, mountain biking or yard work. Roy is also a HAM radio operator and very much enjoys connecting with other radio operators around the world (and has even made contact with astronauts on the International Space Station).

Roy has earned the title of Associate Accredited Professional Photographer, by successfully completing the rigorous accreditation process of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

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