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Welcome to Shutterbug Walkabouts

Browsing our website you will discover a range of outdoor photographic and touring experiences including private photography tours (we call them ‘photography-inspired sightseeing tours’), specialty photography experiences (based around a genre of photography), small group photography workshops and one-on-one or private group tuition. We can even customise an experience especially for you!

We cater to photography enthusiasts of all levels who wish to improve their photographic skill and technique – amateurs at beginner, intermediate or advanced level as well as general interest happy snappers keen to take better photos during their Tasmanian holiday. Each experience will be adapted to suit; we invite you to take advantage of our no obligation pre-booking consultation to help you decide on the experience that best suits you and your interests.

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Sightseeing Tours

Our informative private tours will allow you to immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, fascinating colonial heritage and an amazing natural environment. With a photographer guide you will enjoy the freedom of taking photos at a relaxed pace. Select a destination based experience or a specialty experience to focus on a specific photographic genre.

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Small Group Workshops

Get to know your camera better; learn skills and techniques to enhance your photography. The newfound knowledge you acquire will encourage you to experiment and develop your existing knowledge to take your photography to the next level. Tuition is available One-on-One, with a friend or in a small group outdoor workshop of like-minded individuals.

Small Group workshops for Beginners

Wildlife Photography for Beginners

If you would like to give wildlife photography a try, join us on-location at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary so you can learn the fundamentals for taking unique photos of wildlife in the natural environment.


Bird Photography Walkabout

An informal and experiential way of learning techniques for photographing birds in their natural habitat.


Escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life for a…

Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP) - listed as critically endangered; the threat of extinction is imminent

Tasmanian Wilderness Photography Escape

In collaboration with the Southwest Wilderness Camp and Par Avion we have created a 3-day/2-night experience so you can immerse yourself in the photographic opportunities of Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness while accompanied by a dedicated photography guide – you’ll travel with photographers and do what photographers love to do!

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Shutterbug Walkabouts - Macro shot of Lichen on a rock


Shutterbug Walkabouts - Sunlight streaming through the trees

Forest sunlight

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Autumn colours

Shutterbug Walkabouts - Moonlight walk with a head torch through a labyrinth

Moonlight walk

Shutterbug Walkabouts - Miniature forest in Tasmania's Tarkine

Tarkine minature forest

Shutterbug Walkabouts - Autumn leaves

Botanical gardens

Shutterbug Walkabouts - Morning mist

Mystical valley

Shutterbug Walkabouts - Millers hut at Maria Island

Maria Island