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Tasmania’s Native Orchids

By August 29th, 2018Out and about2 min read

There are more than 200 species of orchids in Tasmania with about one third being endemic to the state. Some are widespread and others may only be found in a very small location.

Dry heathland and open forests are the richest orchid habitats in Tasmania but you will also find a few species in rainforest and buttongrass moorland.

Orchids flower throughout the year and there is good information available on where and when but remember, this is nature which often has a mind of its own! We recommend simply keeping an eye out and you may well be in the right place at the right time to see one in flower.

Native orchids are not always easy to spot so look for leaf structures emerging from the ground. We’ve also learnt that spring and early summer are the most likely times you’ll see a range of orchids in flower but be aware that some orchids are in flower for as little as a few days and after flowering they go underground, dying back to a tuber until the next season.

One of Roy’s clients recently invited him to an orchid ‘hotspot’. Doug was in the know of an exact site and season that a particular orchid is most likely to appear and the photos above are what they found on that day (Autumn Bird and a species of Greenhood).

Join us on tour to hear more about orchids and if photographing orchids is something that interests you then let us know when you book. These three tours have greater chances of seeing orchids (but not guaranteed of course!):

  • Mt Field National Park and Russell Falls
  • Bruny Island
  • Hartz Mountains National Park and Tahune Airwalk

Or customise your own photographer’s day out around the Hobart region and we can visit areas where there’s a better chance of seeing our beautiful Tasmanian native orchids.

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