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A photography retreat made easy

By July 6th, 2023Out and about3 min read

Imagine having some quality time to hone your photography skills and techniques. You may have thought about it many a time, but are you still looking for a way to make it happen? With countless photography tours and workshops to choose from, do you find yourself asking: “What is the best option for me?”

A DIY or self-drive photography tour may demand a lot of your time to research. You will need to consider the route, locations, best times for photo shoots and much more. Even with a ton of advice found online, there are lots of decisions to be made about how to get around, where to stay, where to buy food/eat etc. This thought process may continue throughout your holiday too, which may detract from your photography activities.

With your own photographic interests to nurture, or a life schedule that somewhat dictates when you can take a holiday, scheduled group photography tours and workshops may also not be suitable. So, with all that in mind, a private photography retreat may just be the answer!

4 simple steps that make it easier to plan a photography holiday in Tasmania…

  1. Choose your travel dates and consider your budget
  2. Think about your photographic interests, aims and objectives
  3. Get in touch with Coreena at Shutterbug Walkabouts to discuss your thoughts
  4. Select your itinerary from our recommendations, tailoring further as required

We make it easier for you because…

  • We arrange your itinerary, book your accommodation and organise all transport and meals to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Each and every photo shoot is attentively prepared with locations and timings researched to ensure the best use of your time
  • In preparation for all weather and conditions, we will have a contingency/back-up plan in mind
  • You won’t need to gather or carry any ‘how to improve your photography’ research material or instruction manuals – leaving more space in your luggage for your photography gear.

Here’s what Rachel said about her experience…

Private photography tours and workshops with Shutterbug Walkabouts - Rachel's review about her experience

So, are you ready to get your camera clicking?

Shutterbug Walkabouts has a range of experiences on offer including day tours, private tuition, retreats and a series of scheduled photography weekends to choose from. We travel to different regions of Tasmania throughout the year, continually scouting for photo shoot locations covering different seasons and weather conditions; so you can be sure your experience will reflect what we’ve learnt over time.

Get in touch with Shutterbug Walkabouts to enquire about your next photography experience…

Of course you may continue to browse our website where you’ll find more information at your fingertips – but please get in touch with any questions you may have.

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