Photographer’s day out at Port Arthur

A full day tuition-focused experience completely was personalised for Greg. He chose the destination and let us know what he was most interested in and we planned the day to suit him. Using our published day tours and private tuition sessions as a base, we adapt and personalise itineraries to suit individuals and private groups. Get in touch with us to plan your photographer’s day out in and around Hobart, or maybe a Weekend Photography Retreat in one of Tasmania’s magnificent destinations.

One of Tasmania’s most historic destinations, the former convict settlement of Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula, was where Greg wanted to visit for a day of photography. Greg’s aim was to spend the day taking photos of the grounds, gardens and historic buildings with guidance from a professional photography tutor – and that’s where Roy comes in.

Roy and Greg travelled from Hobart for a photographer’s day out. While the majority of the day was spent at the Port Arthur Historic Site, the journey to get there included stops at the scenic lookout over Pirates Bay and at Tessellated Pavement.

At Port Arthur, Greg was most interested in the outdoor scenes but he did take the opportunity to learn more about low light photography while inside some of the historic houses and the Separate Prison. In fact, his favourite shot of the day happened to be inside the Chapel of the Separate Prison – this, he posted on Facebook to share.

Now Greg was fairly familiar with how to drive his camera, but hadn’t used all the different settings that would improve the photos he was taking. He was very open to learning new skills and techniques and keen for Roy to share his knowledge with him (something that Roy is very willing to do) so he quickly gained an understanding of the concepts that resulted in some amazing shots.

Full day photography tuition at Port Arthur, Tasmania, with Shutterbug Walkabouts

Greg Shea capturing his favourite photo of the day during his full day photography tuition session at Port Arthur, Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

In the moment – Greg capturing his favourite shot of the day

Had a wonderful day taken to Port Author [sic] to learn about photography. I learned so much about my camera and how to take fantastic photos.

Greg SheaReview on TripAdvisor

Photos that Greg shared with us…

100 years ago, on 29th August 1916, Tasmania’s first two national parks were established – Mt Field and Freycinet. More than 40% of Tasmania’s landmass is protected as a national park or reserve (some of which is also World Heritage listed) which is a testament to the distinctive, unique and diverse natural environment that Tasmania is well known for. Unspoilt landscapes, wildlife not found anywhere else in the world and native flora that evolved when Tasmania (and Australia) was a part of Gondwanaland – this is just some of what you can expect to enjoy … those of us who live in Tasmania sure are privileged with such a spectacular backyard to explore.

The centenary is a rather significant milestone, so to celebrate it and showcase some of the diversity of these stunning regions we’ve displayed some of our photos for you to view (but we couldn’t possibly display all of our photos)… enjoy! 

Mt Field National Park

Discover, Experience and Photograph Mt Field National Park with Shutterbug Walkabouts.
Day tours available or customise a multi-day tour to include Mt Field.

Freycinet National Park

Discover, Experience and Photograph Freycinet National Park with Shutterbug Walkabouts.
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Photo Gallery

Discover, Experience and Photograph Mt Field National Park with Shutterbug Walkabouts.
Day tours available or customise a multi-day tour to include Mt Field.

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