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Mt Field National Park

Derwent Valley – Tasmania

By July 11th, 2023Tasmanian Destinations4 min read

Mt Field National Park is distinguished by exquisite fern-rich rainforest, stately tall trees, graceful waterfalls, alpine tarns and charismatic native wildlife and birds. You’ll feel as if you are a world away from anywhere – in a place where an array of photogenic natural wonders awaits you and your camera.

Connect with nature through photography

While the tall trees are sure to leave you pleasantly awestruck by their might and grandeur, the constantly changing views of spectacular glaciated landscapes will astound. The lushness of the rainforest will take your breath away, while endemic alpine flora like King Billy Pine, Scoparia, Pandani and Tasmanian Waratah will awaken your curiosity.

Maybe you’ll find photographic inspiration in the fern fronds unfurling or the beautiful hues and textures of the bark on the trees. Look closely for native orchids delicately standing tall, or a showy Tasmanian Waratah flowering in spring. What about the wonderous world of fungi, mosses, and lichens with their impressive colours, textures and patterns? Or a see the spectacular colours of Fagus (Nothofagus gunnii) during autumn.

Imagine seeing a Tasmanian Pademelon foraging by the trail, or an encounter with an Echidna as it saunters by. Perhaps you will pause by a stream where a platypus is sometimes seen or be enchanted by a vibrant Pink Robin joining in.

Whether the waterfalls are a deluge or a tiny trickle, Russell Falls cascades from 50m (165ft) above, into the creek below. Watch as the water swirls around the river rocks as it continues flowing downstream. Horseshoe Falls may not be as well-known, though with such beauty and photogenic charm, a feeling of wonder cannot be ignored.

Imagine the photos you could take…

Any time of year is excellent for photography at Mt Field National Park. There is always something to see or to see differently and if you’ve been there before, well there’s bound to be something that’s transformed through the seasons.
The region that includes Mt Field National Park is susceptible to dramatic changes in the weather and conditions. This includes the possibility of snow in summer and clear blue skies and sunny days in winter. Adaptations to your itinerary may sometimes be needed or recommended.

Original post date: 18th October 2021

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