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Coreena’s interview on Weekend Birder Podcast

By July 6th, 2023Out and about3 min read

It is with great excitement to share the latest episode of the Weekend Birder podcast, an Aussie podcast hosted by Kirsty Costa.

The title is “Bird Photography with Coreena”.  Yep, that’s me! 😁

I am thrilled to take this opportunity to share my story, my passion, my thoughts, and my approach to bird photography with Kirsty… and now, with you and the world of podcast listeners too.

When leading tour and tuition experiences in Tasmania, I really value the opportunity to encourage my guests to experience photography as a journey, by connecting with nature and exploring their individual photographic creativity. Bird photography, jointly with wildlife and nature photography, is a very rewarding part of my journey in photography and for this reason, I aim for anyone who wants to learn from me to experience great enjoyment too.

I like to think that my conversation with Kirsty was down-to-earth and not too technical as I convey my thoughts about how to choose a camera and where to start when developing skills for photographing birds. It is a pleasure to impart what I’ve learnt over the years, and I truly hope there’s a key takeaway or two for you from what I talk about.

Thank you Kirsty, it is an honour to be part of your incredible show with the aim of encouraging more people to explore the great outdoors and go birding … and of course, photograph birds in nature.

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About Weekend Birder podcast

Kirsty launched her podcast in September last year, and very quickly she has taken the world by storm. Apple Podcasts named Weekend Birder as one of Apple iTunes “Shows We Loved in 2022”, under the category ‘Shows That Helped Us Flourish’.

By listening to Weekend Birder on your favourite podcast app, you will learn from birdwatchers of all experience levels. You’ll look at birds through new eyes as you discover how to identify birds, where to go birdwatching, how to use equipment and fun bird facts.

And if you love it and get great entertainment and newfound knowledge from this podcast, Kirsty works very hard behind the scenes and I’m sure she’ll love it if you buy her a coffee to keep her going. ☕️

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