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Close Encounter with a Wombat

By July 6th, 2023Out and about2 min read

This unexpected close-up encounter was one very special experience enjoyed on the shores of Lake St Clair (in Tasmania’s central highlands), especially for Coreena being that her favourite animal is the wombat.

Now we don’t encourage you to approach native animals in the wild too closely just to get a close up photo. As with any wildlife photography it’s best to keep a respectable distance so as not to be a disturbance and allowing them to go about their own business.

It’s preferable that you don’t try to pat an animal in the wild if one does approach you closely, as you just don’t know how it may react… sometimes the experience may not be a pleasurable one and we don’t want that for you or the animal.

But, as you can see in these photos, this fella was just a little more inquisitive and needed to investigate who I was (or maybe what I was doing).

I was using a 70-200mm zoom lens and the close-up photo I did get was the last that I could, at 70mm, before he just sniffed my hand and wandered off a happy little wombat.

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