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Awards are always wonderful to receive, but ultimately, my foundational intention for my photography is to pursue a nature-based activity that supports my love of learning, discovery, experiences, and personal growth.

While the primary intention of my photography journey isn’t centred around entering awards, I’ve come to appreciate the invaluable critique and feedback from the judges that some awards programs offer. For this reason, I feel I get the most value from programs that provide judges’ comments with the result for each image entered, awarded or otherwise.

Sometimes though, the feedback and comments may not reflect what I would prefer to hear, with constructive critique part of the process, it allows me to receive professional assessments of my work.

Even if I don’t necessarily agree with a comment provided (remembering that photography is a subjective craft), by taking the comments on board, I can better understand how I can refine my skills and creative vision.

It pleases me to say that often the comments received reassure me that my images hold their own merit and are just as deserving of recognition as any other.

The narrative for each image from the judges is equally helpful for the awarded images as it is for the images that garner praise without a notable award per se. Without this, how else could I understand the result provided… award-worthy or otherwise?

I may not enter all the award programs I choose every year. However, when I do, the process of submitting my work for professional assessment becomes a valuable aspect of my creative growth. It also provides me with validation of my work while supporting my desire to continually expand the boundaries of my learning zone.

Ultimately, entering selected awards programs aligns with my foundational intention for my photography… to pursue a nature-based activity that supports my love of learning, discovery, experiences, and personal growth.

Do you have a foundational intention that guides you on your photography journey? While it’s not mandatory to have one, having a personal intention can bolster your confidence in your own photographic endeavours. Also, in a society that frequently persuades us to compare our work with others, supports engagement in your craft according to your unique aspirations.

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I now take great satisfaction in presenting my latest achievements, along with the two images that didn’t receive the level of admiration I hoped for. They are showcased in the gallery displayed below.

Captured by Coreena

Recent awards and commendations 

I submitted five photographs to the 2023 Australian Photographic Prize and was excited by the outcomes. Two of my entries made it to the semi-finals, and another one received a Commendation. However, the remaining two entries didn’t achieve the scores needed for an award badge.

Nonetheless, I believe that regardless of the results, the most valuable lessons stem from the dedication put into crafting the images and the insightful feedback received from the judges!

A score of 83 was awarded to this image

Judge’s comment: “Great composition with the grass frame providing the frame within which the bird is located. The soft colour palette and sharpness of the subject add to the strength of the image.”

A score of 82 was awarded to this image

Judge’s comment: “The colour harmony in this photograph is really pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of balance and unity. Your technical skills in controlling aperture and shutter speed are excellent, resulting in a perfectly exposed and balanced image.”

A score of 78 was awarded to this image

Judge’s comment: “You have a strong simple subject without any distractions to take the viewers’ eye away from it. If you use DeNoise – try adding in a little texture afterwards – brushed in selectively – as you have plenty of pixels to lift the detail in the wings. The colour palette complements the settings. Your camera skills are strong, but to lift your bird photography to the next level in a competition try capturing some unique behaviour rather than just a portrait style. Well done.”

Judge’s comment: “A great capture which nails the focus on the tip of the nose, but a slight increase in depth of field would have also included the rear foot. For visual direction the brightest part of the image is the rock above the subject, so some selective control of light in post processing would help isolate the subject.”

The judges’ score for this image was 72

Judge’s comment: “A very exciting moment captured – it’s always a thrill to watch bird behaviour and is a challenge that will only improve your camera craft skills. Do you have your camera on multi-shoot? In this instance the cormorant looks a little awkward – perhaps the frame before or after he would look more elegant but still retain the active splashes behind him.

The judges’ score for this image was 71

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