What to bring

When preparing for experience with Shutterbug Walkabouts please consider the following essential and recommended clothing, gear and accessories…

You don’t need to own the latest and greatest or specialised equipment to achieve great photographs!

For all experiences

  • Your camera with fully charged battery and plenty of space on the memory card.

  • Suitable clothing for the changeable weather often experienced in Tasmania – for evening experiences we strongly recommend you bring something warm to wear and a rain jacket.

  • If visiting Mt Wellington – at the summit it can be up to 10 degrees C cooler than Hobart CBD – it’s good to be aware of this – a waterproof jacket with a hood is recommended (and in winter, gloves and a warm hat or ‘beanie’).

  • A bag (preferably a backpack) for carrying all your personal belongings and keeping your hands free to hold your camera.

  • Comfortable walking shoes – we strongly recommend sturdy shoes that are practical for walking on un-paved paths as well as uneven and sometimes rocky terrain.

  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Drinking water


For Outdoor Tuition experiences

In addition to the items listed above

  • A digital SLR camera or ‘hybrid/bridge’ camera is beneficial for more advanced photography experimentation. However, some of the hints and tips are useful for more advanced use of a digital point-and-shoot camera, especially if it has manual override functionality.

  • At least one spare (fully charged) battery – we will encourage you to review your images on the LCD screen and this will use more battery power.
  • A tripod if you have one, or let us know if you need to borrow one of ours (if you’ve never used a tripod, this is the time to try it out – it’s not as daunting as you might imagine).

  • Spare memory cards – at least double what you think you need (we are sure you’ll be taking lots more photos that normal).

  • It is advisable that you have a basic understanding of your camera settings; bring your instruction manual if possible.

  • For low-light, night or twilight photography – it may be useful to bring along a torch/flashlight to help you navigate the menu and adjust the settings on your camera in the dark.

  • For Macro (close-up) photography – if you own a macro lens, extension tube, light reflector or external flash, you will have the opportunity to put these to good use so bring them if possible.

 Weekend Photography Retreats

In addition to the items listed in both groups above, there may be some additional items to bring to suit the season and retreat itinerary selected. Anything specific will be discussed prior to your trip but to start with, the following is suggested…

  • Battery and phone chargers (with adaptors if required)
  • Laptop with your preferred post-processing software installed