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Enriching photography and travel experiences in Tasmania

Tasmania's premier local experience provider of nature-based photography tours & tuition

Shutterbug Walkabouts offers a variety of ways for you to pursue your passion for photography in Tasmania. 

All of our experiences are curated for outdoorsy photo-enthusiasts of all levels. Simply choose an experience most suited to you, your interests and intentions, with our assistance as you may need.

Experiences include interpretive photo-oriented tours, private photography tuition and women-only photography escapes. Or if you prefer, a bespoke experience created especially for you.

Whether you plan to travel solo or share an experience with your partner, friends or family, be prepared to explore a truly breathtaking environment of magical landscapes. Tasmania is made up of dramatic mountains, rugged coastlines and diverse natural habitats. Amid all this, mighty rivers, showy waterfalls, pristine beaches and a sublime rural countryside. You’ll be surprised and delighted by an abundance of wildlife and birds, and fascinated by an intriguing history too. For these reasons and more, Tasmania boasts an abundance of extraordinary spaces and places to discover, experience and photograph. 

New to photography? Beginner or novice? You will gain so much from a private tuition experience with Shutterbug Walkabouts because this will help ease the learning curve through practical in-the-field learning.

Non-photographers are welcome too. Our photo-oriented tours are easily adapted into nature-based interpretive experiences particularly enjoyed by nature, birding and wildlife enthusiasts.

Explore Tasmania’s great outdoors and photograph nature’s beauty
with Shutterbug Walkabouts!

Premium Private
Photo-oriented Tours

Explore Tasmania’s great outdoors and photograph nature’s beauty.

All-inclusive touring experiences for discerning photo-enthusiasts.

Photography Escapes

Empowering experiences for female photo-enthusiasts.

Meaningful and hassle-free retreats so you can genuinely escape from the busyness of everyday life.

Tours and Retreats

A Tasmanian photography experience as individual as you.

Created especially for you, so you can focus on what interests you most.

Photography Tuition

A flexible and convenient way to learn photography.

Personalised tuition adapted for all photographers - beginners to advanced.

Every detail is thought of and it is very customer-centred. A truly unforgettable experience and very highly recommended for anyone visiting Tasmania

Rachel R, AUS

It was an excellent, well-organised day, and the photos I have prove that the day was well worth it.

Daryl B, NZ

Your passion for photography, professionalism and willingness to impart what you have learned through your own 'life experiences' is evident; and the calm, relaxed manner in which you conduct yourselves is appreciated.

Annette C, AUS

Had a great time with Roy on my day out with him. He's an extremely patient teacher and has much to share.

Steven Y, Singapore

Coreena couldn't have been more welcoming, informative and professional in arranging my photo days - what a great experience!

Junko Y, USA

I recommend Shutterbug Walkabouts to anyone, whether you want to improve your photography skills or just to ensure that you take home great images of your holiday in Tasmania

Julie H, AUS

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