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‘Twas a morning that
snow surrounded us…

By October 30th, 2017Out and about2 min read

It was a day to get amongst the stunning winter wonderland but we were snowed in for a while and many roads were closed so we couldn’t go far… our immediate surrounds were truly a photographic delight that we just couldn’t ignore.

On the morning of Monday, 5th August 2015 a cold front crossed over Tasmania bringing with it snow to low levels. The weather forecasters were telling us all about it in the lead up so our anticipation built over a few days; but we really didn’t expect what we saw. It was still dark when we woke to peek out the window and see a good blanket of snow covering not only the mountains but all around our home – there was even some snow on the beaches around Hobart… yes, snow fell to sea level!
With the crunching & squeaking of snow underfoot, we carefully wandered around to enjoy everything before us, and of course make a snowman.

Here’s a small collection of our photos from that day in what became known as ‘Snowbart 2015’.

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