Premium Private Tuition-focused Experience
– Wildlife Photography –

At Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary 

Improve your skills and techniques for photographing wildlife … wildlife encounters are guaranteed.

Includes Bonorong’s Private Premium Feeding Frenzy or Night Tour, exclusive for you!

Duration: approx. 5 hours (includes travel to/from Bonorong from Hobart CBD)

Includes: Private transport| Expert photography tuition
Bonorong’s Premium Private Tour – Feeding Frenzy (daytime) or Night Tour (evening)
Savoury nibbles, a glass of Tasmanian sparkling wine or fruit juice and drinking water

A truly special highlight of this experience
You will enter the animals’ world for the opportunity to photograph close-up and eye-to-eye.
You’ll also have a chance to hand feed creatures like Eastern Quolls, Tawny Frogmouths, Sugar Gliders, Echidnas and Wombats.


Throughout this experience, you will discover many ways to achieve your very own stand-out wildlife images.

Upon arrival you will spend time with your photography tutor learning the most appropriate camera settings to consider in different scenarios. Then, meeting up with one of Bonorong’s passionate team, you’ll be led on an exceptional interactive wildlife experience, with your dedicated photography tutor by your side. Improve composition and become better acquainted with focus modes, the concept of exposure triangle (ISO, shutter speed and aperture), depth of field, focusing techniques and so much more – all with the aim of gearing you up with the knowledge to photograph wildlife in the natural habitat. Overall, you will enhance your techniques for wildlife photography and be captivated by Tasmania’s adorable critters on this exceptional interactive wildlife experience. 

The animals at Bonorong are cared for in genuine natural setting, with their natural habitat replicated within the sanctuary environment. This being the case, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn settings suitable to photograph through fences and aviaries as may be necessary, providing you with even more understanding of different photographic scenarios. 

About Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary…

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for injured, sick or orphaned native animals. Their ultimate aim is to rehabilitate the animals and return them to their natural habitat once they have returned to full health. All enclosures replicate the natural habitat of each creature, just as they enjoy in the wild. Finding wildlife in nature is often one of the biggest challenges for wildlife photographers, but at Bonorong you are guaranteed animal sightings so it truly is an ideal location for learning wildlife photography.

Some of the special creatures of Bonorong…
Tasmanian Devils | Wombats | Tawny Frogmouths | Koalas | Kangaroos | Emus | Quolls | Possums | Variety of native birds (free-flying and in large aviaries)