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Tasmanian Waratah

Photographing the Tasmanian Waratah with Shutterbug Walkabouts
Tasmanian Waratah - a bright and striking feature of the Tasmanian landscape in summer. The Tasmanian Waratah grows in the sub-alpine woodlands around the state. It is fairly widespread around the state,…
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Once in a Blue Moon

full moon
Are you a ‘once in a blue moon’ photographer? Well, it's time to dust off your camera, release your inner shutterbug and give shooting this weeks ‘super blue blood moon’ a go. What is…
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Time out for photography…

Visiting family and friends in Tasmania - time out for photography
Visiting family and friends in Tasmania? Here's some inspiration to take a little time out for yourself too… An opportunity to enjoy nature while learning new skills to hone your photography techniques and enhance the photos…
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Bird Photography

Close up nature photography in the Hartz Mountains - Shutterbug Walkabouts nature photography workshop weekend in Tasmania's south west wilderness
Our bird photography walkabouts, and tours that include an opportunity to admire the beauty of birds in their natural environment and spend a little more time taking photos and/or practicing…
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