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2022 Australian Photographic Prize – Epson Print Awards

By December 29th, 2022Out and about5 min read

There’s certainly something to be said about printing photographs and having the quality of your images judged by an expert panel of highly esteemed photographers.

Over the years, Roy has entered and been awarded for his works in several print awards however, 2022 is the first time I (Coreena) have entered a national print awards program of such calibre as the Australian Photographic Prize.

Entering 3 images into the Epson Print Awards – Nature and Wildlife category, I am overjoyed and super proud to share that all 3 of my entries received a semi-finalist score! 🎉

Roy also entered 3 images into the Epson Print Awards – Creative category, resulting in 1 receiving a semi-finalist score plus 2 commendations. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So this sure is another achievement for both Roy and me. We are delighted with our achievements and the comments and feedback provided by the judges – as always, a wonderful learning and strengthening experience. And we always share our expanded knowledge and experience with our photography tour and tuition guests.

Australian photographer Peter Eastway views and judges one of Coreena’s three entries in the Nature and Wildlife category of the Australian Photographic Prize. Melbourne, September 2022. Photo courtesy of Australian Photographic Prize.
© Kris Anderson (as watermarked)

Coreena’s entries

Photographing nature and wildlife is my thing! Scanning through my collection of images for award-worthy candidates is a lengthy process of shortlisting, examining and analysing. A critical step necessary is to also ensure each image is eligible for entry following the rules of entry. After making my final choice of photos to enter, it was on to the final processing, preparation, printing, and mailing in the prints for official in-person judging of the prints!

  1. “An Egret perches gracefully”
    While on a nature walk in southern Tasmania, I observed an Egret as it foraged along the shore. With trees blocking my view I decided to continue walking along the nature trail. Soon after, I noticed it fly closer to me and perch on a branch where I had a clearer view. I watched (and photographed) as it went about an evening preen.
  2. “Platypus afloat”
    I wondered whether this image was ‘award-worthy’ and one to enter. Simply because, well, the Platypus just wasn’t doing anything astonishing per se. However, I enjoy viewing this image for the golden hues of filtered sunlight that appear on the surface of the river, along with the shimmers of light in the ripples surrounding the platypus. I also enjoy how I can see the back left claw of the platypus just beneath the water surface, and a full view of the entire length of its body from its bill to its tail.
  3. “Warrior Jacana”
    I took this photo while travelling in The Kimberley in NW Western Australia – a holiday that we are incredibly grateful to have been able to take in 2021. From the banks of Lily Creek Lagoon in Kununurra at twilight, it was a delight to watch as several Comb-crested Jacanas delicately danced across the lilies and other floating vegetation feeding on insects. The jacana is also referred to as a ‘Jesus bird’ for how they appear to walk on water. The moment I found this photo in my collection, I immediately named it ‘Warrior Jacana’, simply because of its pose. Can you see the mosquito for which the jacana appears to be going in for the chop?

Roy’s entries

In the creative category, you can let your imagination run wild and use post-production techniques for your creation. Nature is Roy’s inspiration, with the finer textures, patterns and colours featured in his entries. All a little different to what you may normally see from him. With many different perspectives and interpretations, what can you see in Roy’s images? Can you make it out what his original subject might have been?

To put things a little more into context for you. Imagine…

  1. The bark of a tree – possibly a tea tree
  2. A large black moth
  3. The caterpillar of a Painted Cup Moth

Fine art quality prints by Full Gamut in Hobart

The prints we entered were produced by Full Gamut in Hobart. They produce top-quality prints that allow us to present our work in the best possible way for the judges to evaluate. A very important part of the overall process. Always happy with the consistent quality of not only the end product, their friendly service too.

And a little about the Australian Photographic Prize

The inaugural Australian Photographic Prize was held in Melbourne from 8th to 11th September 2022 which included live judging. Unable to attend in person, Roy & I tuned into their YouTube Channel and watched the Livestream. It’s always a thrill to see your image come up and listen to the comments and feedback from the judges as they examine each image, not only our own but to learn from the works of other photographers too. A big thank you to the organisers and we look forward to participating again next year.

Original post date: 25th September 2022

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